ESTA technology staff has a long history of providing Engineering solutions with state of the art solid model based aircraft modification and repair design on Platforms that are  either Blueprint based design or Model Based Design (MBD). We have extensive Aircraft 3D corrosion damage evaluation and repair solutions experience, replacement part manufacturing capability development and qualifying companies for DLA Alternate Source of Supply.  

Our Staff has Vast Experience With:


  • State of the Art Aircraft and Component Structural Repair and Modification Design 
  • High Accuracy Complete Aircraft Damage RE Based Measurement Systems ​
  • Fleet Maintenance and Aging Aircraft Lifecycle Management and Analysis​
  • Airframe Life Extension Program Management and Support ​
  • Integrated Solid Model Based Corrosion Damage Evaluation and Repair Systems​​
  • ​Manufacturing DLA /NAVSUP/AFMC Alternate Source Qualification Assistance
  • ​Blueprint to Solid Model Translation Services with Model Validation​​​​
  • Assistance finding Government MRO applications to STTR/SBIR/CRADA technology development Companies based on vast Government MRO experience and Contacts.

Services Performed

Aircraft Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Engineering Support

Our staff is  highly experienced with airframe structural repair design, from typical Liaison or MRB engineering support to major airframe subassembly replacement. We can provide engineering services to design, build, and deploy required Fixtures and tooling in order to maintain OEM alignment and interchangeability functionality. 

We have extensive experience in developing control surface and other airframe component overhaul or re-fabrication programs and can develop capability to obtain or expand DOD business in this field for your company.

We have extensive knowledge on aircraft Depot, Intermediate, and Organizational level maintenance practices. We can develop and maintain aircraft Integrated Maintenance Concepts including Fatigue life extension programs.

Aircraft Manufacturing Engineering Support

Alternate Source of Supply


We can assist your company in qualifying for Government Alternate Source of Supply Certification for part manufacturing for the Department of Defense Supply System. Our staff includes engineers that have functioned as Basic Design Engineer (BDE) in accordance with NAVAIRINST 4200.25D.

Blueprint to 3D Solid Model Translation for Manufacturing.

We can provide highly experienced engineers that utilize CAD/CAM/CAE tools and can provide state of the art Reverse Engineering services with various Laser based and electro-optical equipment to create solid models from 2D prints with the most accurate results in complying with Original Engineering Design intent. This results in minimized or no manufacturing scrap rate.

Additive Manufacturing and Alternate Manufacturing Processes

We have an engineering and manufacturing staff that will assist in alternate material and alternate manufacturing processes re-design, qualification analysis and testing.

Technology Development & Application Support

 Staff of ESTA is experienced with DOD Aircraft maintenance practices and can assist your company in developing your technology for DOD MRO applications.

Our staff is intimately familiar and has been involved with Government sponsored technology insertion programs such as: STTRs, SBIRs, CRADAs, etc. Our staff has participated in affecting the direction of and application of technology in Aerospace R&D and MRO.

ESTA can assist in developing Business Operation workflows integrating Engineering Data with Manufacturing Processes and Sustainment Product Life Cycle Management tools for Private Companies and Government Activities.